The Estelle Report

imageWelcome to The Estelle Report.

“Who the hell is Estelle and why would I be interested in her report?”

If I wasn’t me, Estelle and I’d be looking at this blog for the first time I’d be asking myself the above question. So it’s only just that I share with you why am I worthy to own a title to narrate style.

It begins (and can quite frankly, end) with this one sentence; Style cannot be earned. It comes from a deep, innate place nestled in your spirit. Imagine your spirit is a cave and style is a stalactite. Ok so I’m not great with analogies but girl, I have style in my cave (snap!).

I’ve struggled to find rhythm in my dance steps, I don’t know what algebra is and I’m still trying to find El Salvador on the world map, yet at age four I was sewing clothes for my barbies on my mother’s industrial sewing machine and styled outfits for their runway shows. It simply was meant to be that I would design, create, style.

Design, create, style. It’s what I know, it’s what I’ve always known.

To design and style makes me feel alive, it gives me breath, so if nothing more, this blog is a personal journal of joy. But let’s take this one step further, I’m on a pursuit, no, in fact I am on an ardent quest to expose the beauty in loving the self. By loving the self you are then able to celebrate and acknowledge this through the clothes you wear. I am here to tell you to wear whatever the f*** you want to wear so long as it makes you HAPPY.


Sreet style has certainly become cliche of late but still for me, it’s the one place where you can discover truth in personal style. So we’ll be hitting the streets to showcase style in its most authentic colours for our Street Style page.


Estelle’s Report is where I can spread my feathers like a peacock! I’m devoting this page to styling pieces from independent designers. Now more than ever we need to support the mavericks, the freethinkers of the fashion industry. I’m tired, I’m exhausted by all the mass produced, cheap clothes that are manufactured by large, conglomerate companies who are just bullies! Stop supporting them!!!!

Enjoy my visual journal journey.

Estelle x

The Estelle Report – brought to you by Estelle Michaelides. 
Fashion Designer, Illustrator, Stylist, Creator.